Missouri Ozark Rally is BACK!

Volunteer Registration is OPEN!

We’re headed to

July 30, 2022
Texas County, MO

Register online at Rallymaster Pro and provide your information so we can properly place you during the event. Then register with the American Rally Association for a volunteer license to be covered by event insurance. All volunteers, registered online or not, must check-in at the onsite registration when you arrive

You need to register on the following TWO (2) sites

Step 1: When registering on Rallymaster Pro, please use the “Work with” and “Preferred assignment” fields to let us know if you have others you are wanting to work with. STEP 1: RALLYMASTER PRO

Step 2: Register for American Rally Association. Select Volunteer license and there is no fee.STEP 2: ARA RALLY LICENSE

Keep an eye on your e-mail and social media for the latest updates on MOR!