Thank you for your interest in the excitement of stage rally!  We have selected our spectator location to provide a good view of the competitors at speed and keep everyone safe.  

As we prepare for the competitors, you will see three “course cars” which officially close the road and verfiy that everything is ready.  These are, in order, numbered 000, 00, and 0.  The 0 car will be traveling at near competition speed.  Once the 0 car has reached the end of the stage and reported on conditions, the first competitor will be allowed to start, so expect some time to elapse before you see the first race car.

The competitors will typically be released at one minute intervals.  Once all competitors have run, several sweep vehicles will follow.  The final vehicle you see is known as “Green Light” and will have a green flashing beacon or light bar.  Until Green Light passes your location, the road is still closed and you must not enter or cross it.

At the spectator point, you are welcome to be at any location behind the yellow banner tape.  You may not be in any location marked by red banner tape.  

There will be several rally officials at the spectator point, who will be identifiable by safety vests and credential cards.  If you have any questions, they will able to help you.  It is critical for your safety and the operation of the rally that you follow any instructions they provide.  Unsafe or unruly spectators can stop competition.  

Please be sure to pack out any trash, and respect the property of the adjacent landowners.